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 Playing to create better relationships
A Mind 2 Play Therapy

Quote from a primary aged child to me.

“I want to do playing therapy until I go to University”

The difference between play and therapeutic play

When adults play with children we tend to want to direct the play, either correcting for educational purposes or changing because we don’t like where the play is leading (in other words it makes us adults uncomfortable). 

Therapeutic play is different because there are no adult interventions that direct the play although sometimes the adult might share a feeling that seems to be popping up, supporting the child to become more aware of their own emotions or how their actions impact others (the adult).

Play is the language of children (so says Garry Landreth and I tend to agree though I suspect it can be the language of many adults too!) Children can’t always articulate their experiences but they can often show us through play.  Sometimes adults do not understand what the child is showing but then we can become curious and the child teaches us about their world from their point of view.  We are reminded how clearly children view the world before rules and regulations and others values/measurements and agendas are fixed to the child’s actions/words.

Leaf Pattern Design

Some information about me

Renetta Neal (Netty)- A Mind 2 Play Therapy

I was a parent to 5 children when I found my interest for academic learning.  In 2003 I started on my counselling journey, I trained as an Intergrative Counsellor with Adults and qualified to Level 4 in 2006 with BABCP at Walthamstow College.
In 2004 I became a volunteer with Pyramid scheme, who offered therapeutic after school clubs for children who the school identified as could benefit from therapeutic support. I rediscovered my inner child and my love for play and creativity. I met Ros Kane, who was the founder of a charity called Carefree Kids, and I volunteered to offer therapeutic play sessions to children in schools. I went on to become a Supervisor, trainer of therapeutic skills and one of the Clinical Directors of this charity whilst continuing to volunteer until September 2019, when sadly the charity closed.
In January 2009 I jumped out of an aeroplane for Place2Be and I started a Foundation Course in counselling skills for working with children. I went on to do a post-graduate course with Place2Be and UEL in counselling children in schools. I Graduated from Place2Be/UEL in 2012.
I have worked as a Counsellor with children and adolescents since 2012, building on my experiences as a Mother and a therapeutic play worker.
I have since done courses with IATE and a charity called Big Toes Little Toes and I have seen differences that play can make for people of all ages. Whether we play with toys to communicate, art, role play or words, a safe space to be heard and to express all that needs to be shared is what I offer. Always there is the added benefit of a touch of playfulness incorporated into this serious and sometimes heart wrenching work.
I am also a qualified Supervisor,  I trained with SDS and completed a Post-Graduate Diploma for Supervision with Terapia, who uses play and creativity to support the learning and growth of my Supervisees.


I currently work in Private Practice providing counselling services to Primary and Secondary Schools and provide supervision to therapists and therapeutic playworkers who work with a range of age groups.  I am also a Practice Based Learning Facilitator at Roehampton University for their year 2 and 3 students working towards their M.A. in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy for children, Adolescents and Families.

I actively seek and participate in Continued Professional and Personal Development Trainings in line with BACP requirements to maintain and grow my knowledge and skills and to keep up to date with new policies and legislation in connection with the Counselling Services I provide.

Services I Offer

BACP Registered Member


Child, Adolescent and Adult Counselling

School Counselling Services


Cinical Supervision

A Happier, Healthier You



I have 18+ years' experience of working therapeutically and creatively with children, adolescents and adults who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, anger or who struggle to 'fit in'.

50 minute sessions include talking, creating and exploring whatever the individual wishes to bring and work through.  Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the individual.



Cost: £50 per session


 School counselling services

I am a well qualified and experienced Child and Adolescent Counsellor who can set up counselling services in your school. I  provide early intervention mental health support, Integrative and Creative Counselling sessions.  I can also offer reflective practice groups or trainings in therapeutic interventions for staff.


Cost: £60 per session

Supervision for professionals



I offer Supervision to therapists who work with children, adolescents or adults in a client centred way and/or creatively.  I can also offer reflective practice group sessions for other professionals who work with children or adolescents. I work with individuals but also have a wealth of experience supervising groups.

Cost £55 per hour

Contact Me

I endeavour to help and support people to develop the tools they need to cope with the emotional challenges in their lives. Contact me today to learn more and book a session.

07495 895 457

Walthamstow E17

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