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Child-led play times :-)

I don't just practice child-led play in my professional life. I am lucky enough to have grandchildren that I get allowed to be messy and free with ( granted it is in my home!) I thought stone painting would be good fun but my 8 year old Grandson decided that mixing paint on the plate would be more fun. He gives me a cheeky look as he holds out his hand and a paint brush and I give him the nod. It was joyful to watch his smiling face as he covered his hand and to hear the joy in his voice when I offered him paper to make a handprint on...then he was done! Meanwhile my daughter and I got to be creative and decorate stones together. Though I did direct my daughter to paint my dragon which will have a home in my fairy garden as a guardian. My 2 year old Granddaughter enjoyed scooping lots and lots of paint on to her paper and directing me to fill up the palette with more and more paint! To be a child and be allowed to choose how to be creative is a great lesson in being autonomous and decision making :-) #benefitsofplay#painting

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