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Less is sometimes more!!!

As part of the changes I have made to ensure Covid-19 safety measures are as protective as possible I have made up individual play and creative kits for each child I provide counselling for. This means that the amount of materials available are somewhat less than I would normally provide. What I have found though, is that less materials does not mean less imagination or fewer ways of expression exhibited by the children through their play and creativity. In fact the opportunity to make and create those things that they would wish to be in the room has lead to some wonderful narratives and opportunities for exploration that, had the actual item been available, might never have happened.

I enjoy putting together the kits, buying the materials and deciding which pencil cases and such I am going to use. There is something playful about preparing for play and creativity that makes the preparation fun! #benefitsofplay#mentalhealthawareness#creativecounselling

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