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Playing with acrylics

During the famine of personal connection that has been brought about by Covid-19 and the restrictions on socialising I have been re-connecting to myself. I realised that though I play an awful lot with words and children, I had never really played with paint, just sploshing it on paper and making marks with no agenda, just letting it flow. I recently 'remembered' just how much I love nature and it has been a surprise to me the feelings and thoughts that have been evoked for me as I spread the paint to paper or canvas. My images are not from therapy but I have found them very therapeutic. It reminds me how, in therapy, children may be surprised by the feelings that surface when they are creating whether that be stories, images or in role play. I don't interpret their creations but will reflect on their actions and words so that they know I see and hear them and that I am there to help them contain those, sometimes, big surprising emotions. #mentalhealth#mentalhealthawareness#benefitsofplay#play#emotions

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