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Seeing what others cannot see by Thomas West

I often struggle with words that swim around in my head like a gold fish and when I try to catch it it slips through my fingers; I find it most frustrating. I suspect that I may be'dyslexic' as I struggle with exams and understanding exactly what the questions are asking me though I have no desire to affix a label to myself and have not investigated it.

I am reading a book that already has me so excited about the future. I have known for many years that academic achievement is only part of what humans can be capable of. I have heard many children tell me they are stupid because they are not good at academics and yet give them something creative to do and they have amazed me with their ability to focus, create and work things out. This is why I believe so strongly that play is for all ages and that the subjects taught academically are not always the right subjects for those of us who may have differently wired brains.

I am reading Seeing what others cannot see by Thomas West and though I know I am biased, I really am enjoying reading a book by someone else who believes as I do; that there are more levels of intelligence than purely academic and emotional.

Putting together the stories and examples from others this book is a must read if you have ever found academia a struggle or you just want to understand more :-)

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