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Were you bullied as a child? How does it affect you as an adult? Recommended reading.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I was ostracised and bullied for every aspect of my being when I was a child, I have faced many challenges in relationships and am sure this is what made training as a Counsellor an intriguing and challenging profession for me. I have worked hard to face my demons and know I still have some lurking in my shadow, but the journey is an invigorating, sometimes sad but always worthwhile one I feel. I may never be able to completely 'fix' myself but just knowing that there are always opportunities for learning and growing enthuse me.

I feel I have grown to be able to empathise with those who bullied me, even if forgiveness has not been asked for or given, now I am learning to empathise with my inner child and I am excited by this new part of my journey.

I am reading Bullying Scars: The impact on adult life and relationships by Ellen deLara. It is not an easy read and I find some of it triggering but it is full of references, research and vignettes from other adults who were bullied as children and it gives me hope and helps me to know I am not alone, it also helps me to connect with those I work with as a Counsellor.

Well worth a read whether you were bullied or not but especially for parents and professionals who work with children and adolescents.

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