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Hard reads but fascinating learning!

This month I have been working on myself rather than thinking of anyone I am working with. This has lead me to a couple of books I feel have introduced me to some fascinating food for thought.

1. Gestalt is by John O. Stevens (Editor)

Ooooh ooooh ooooooh I really liked this book! Think I may have to consider going to see a gestalt therapist.........I want to let go of past stories and live to the fullest.

Reminds me of a lot of the mindfulness stuff I have done in the past but with the added benefit of empty chair work. Have also heard of this before and it has never appealed to me but today it does :-)

I will admit some of the chapters went over my head but the last few really made sense for me.Thinking about how our own personal wants and needs are impacted by the wants and needs that are out there in society/in the world. Gestalt chair work-having conversations with those parts of myself that are 'like' the parts of others I have had interactions or relationships with - finishing unfinished business in order to move on.

Link to an interesting read which offers an overview on the empty chair technique:

2. A Theory of Personality: The Psychology of Personal Constructs by George Kelly

I found this a really hard read, though I think I have the gist of it I am sure I will have to return to it at some point. I would like to find other books, perhaps that have more accessible language for me. I am not sure how well I have grasped the thinking in the book at the moment. A tough read if you are not used to psychological jargon.

A theory about how we as humans construct our world. Everyone anticipates events differently - how can we begin to understand each person's unique constructs?

Link to an interesting read which offers an overview on Personality constructs:

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