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Michael Rosen's Book of Play: Why Play Really Matters, and 101 Ways To Get More Of It In Your Life

I love, love, love this book! As a child and adolescent counsellor who uses play, role-play and arts to provide therapeutic interventions I already knew how important play is and that play can be different for different ages and stages etc. We all need play, of a sort, in our lives for healthy growth and development.

I didn't have much knowledge about the history of play and found much of this fascinating. I am not as eloquent as Michael Rosen and I don't need to be for here it is in a book already written, all the important reasons we need more play for our children and young people but also for all the grown-ups or downs!!!!

Another book I think everyone should read....lots of great ideas for being playful too, which I shall be using to add more play and playfulness into my own life.

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