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A reflective practice group at your school?

Hi, my name is Renetta Neal, I am a qualified Creative Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor trained in integrative ways of working with individuals and groups. I have 18+ years of experience of facilitating group learning and reflective practice with a variety of professionals and trainee therapists. This is not including the years of training, of working therapeutically and creatively with all age groups to support mental health and well-being in many different organisations but mainly within schools. I have a good knowledge base of the types of challenges teachers and pupils face on a day-to-day basis and believe that a space to reflect is important for all of us who must build relationships with those we support.

What does a reflective practice group look like?

The group consists of people who contract/agree together to ensure safety and confidentiality. All material brought to the group is explored with the upmost respect for our individual differences. Offerings of thoughts and feelings are permitted in a consistent space where Renetta facilitates a safe containing space. I ensure everyone can express themselves with a view to being heard, supported, and helped to learn. Coping strategies for managing stress and conflict are often learned in these groups but just having a space to think and be heard can have a massive impact on each of us and our levels of well-being.

The frequency and length of reflective practice groups is discussed and tailored to meet the needs of each individual school. (A minimum of 2 hours per session is recommended with a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 10 participants.) The cost of a 2 hour session is £150 regardless of the number of participants.

Who attends Reflective Practice Groups?

Any staff member can attend who is open to learning new ways of caring for themselves and others in an experiential way. Even those of us who have great self-awareness need somewhere to share and be heard. Learning is a life-time challenge and whilst we are teaching others we are often impacted by their distress and being able to explore that in a safe space allows us to take good care of our own mental health whilst supporting the well-being of those we work with and support.

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