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Supervision and reflective practice prevents compassion burnout

Supervision is not just about monitoring and checking that my work is ethical, safe and appropriately focused on the client, it is also about my own self-care, making sure I am not overwhelmed through vicarious trauma and ensuring that I am able to switch off which helps me to care for my own mental health so that I can support others with theirs.

Supervision is priceless, necessary and a gift. I grow so much as a professional and a person in my supervision sessions and am able to explore my own thoughts and feelings, which I am bound to have when I am in a therapeutic relationship where I am focused on the other person, supervision provides me with a space to think about me as a professional and a fellow human being. I don't have to be perfect but being willing to share my challenges as well as my strengths means I never forget what it feels like for a client who shares their struggles, joys and growth with me when I am being a counsellor.

I believe anyone working in a caring profession would benefit from having such a space even if it feels a bit scary and makes us vulnerable, it keeps us connected to ourselves and our work in a healthy way.


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