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Do you self-care?

I have been thinking a lot about my own self-care, what helps me to look after myself when faced with such challenging times as we are at present but also what do I do to make sure I care for my own wellbeing in order that I can feel good and participate fully in my life and work?

I call these things my serotonin buzzes.

1. Setting my alarm clock half an hour earlier in the morning so that I can wake up slowly, plan my day ahead with a sense of not having to rush.

2. A mindful shower - awareness of the water washing over my skin, the scent of the shower gel - allowing myself to focus on the sensations rather than trying to make a to-do list.

3. Maintaining boundaries that feel healthy for me, saying 'No' as a complete sentence when I feel I need to.

4. Making time to be playful whether that be with others or through creative pursuits. Switch-off time is important.

5. Taking time to be alone with my thoughts and feelings, not ruminating but noticing what I am feeling and where in my body that is felt. Making time to be with those feelings and acknowledge them.

6. Journaling - either through art or words helps me to notice what has been a gift and what has challenged me through the day.

What will you do to self-care today?

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