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Moving to online working!

Before lockdowns I would never have been drawn to working or training online. I like the face 2 face, physical presence of my work with others. I think there is a connection that is impossible to make with screens and miles between us, and I still think this but.....

Through necessity I have had to accept that either I work online or I cannot make any kind of connection and what I have learned is that the connections I can make online are different but still 'good enough' and better than no connection at all!

Of course, being me, I had to find trainings and books so that I could be prepared to work online safely and ethically. One of the books I have found really helpful is 'Theory and Practice of Online Therapy by Haim Weinberg and Arnon Rolnick'.

In this book the process of conducting online therapy is explored along with the concerns associated with this approach to therapy work. I find it great for referring back to and it really helped me to think about how I could make my practice online safe and gave me lots of food for thought about the differences that there are between working online and in a physical room. I feel it has given me a good understanding of both the advantages and the challenges of working online.

I also did the 'Moving your practice online' short course delivered by The Online Therapy Institute and hope to do their full 80 hour course when finances allow. Meanwhile I look for CPD courses, participate in Reflective Practice and Supervision in order to keep up to date with ethics and safety considerations.

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