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Playing for better relationships

I was a very serious being when I was a child. I thought I had stopped playing when I was a teenager but on reflection I realise that play just changes mode, we play with words, ways of being or ideas rather than actual toys. I re-connected with playfulness more consciously when I had my children. Having 5 of them and being a single parent for the most part meant it was a case of get playful or drive myself insane. Through volunteering as a therapeutic play worker and travelling on my Counselling training journey I have found that play is both very serious, it speaks to us of important things when words are not enough, and very joyful, when sprung like a tight wire for various reasons it helps me unwind whilst enhancing the relationship of those who engage in the play alongside me.

I have grown to be more child-like rather than childish and I can assure you this has been hard work but this is balanced by my experience of joy and connection with children, adolescents and adults I have lived with or worked with.

This post is the first of many where I hope to bring playfulness and the importance of play for building better relationships to the fore. If anyone has particular questions I am happy for them to be asked and I will respond in writing. You can ask on here in comments or through email if you would prefer to

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing our learning together.

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