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Some of the things I do as a counsellor:

1. I listen to each child in their mode of communication whether through play, with words or in their actions.

2. I work hard to be aware of my own prejudices and judgements in order that I can see the child exactly as they are.

3. I set consistent boundaries to ensure we are both safe.

4. I re-direct any action that might be unsafe towards a safe way of expressing themselves to help the child to contain their big emotions.

5. I give permission for the child to initiate all activities though I provide the materials and appropriate toys so that they may 'show' me their story.

6. I provide the conditions that help us to build a trusting therapeutic relationship so that the child can feel confident and safe to share whatever they need to share.

7. I maintain confidentiality unless I have a concern for the child's safety outside of the session - I follow school safeguarding policies and procedures.

8. I maintain appropriate clinical notes in line with GDPR law and BACP guidelines. All notes are kept locked.

9. Reports given at regular intervals are read by the child before they're shared so that the child can edit and then agree what is shared with appropriate others. #mentalhealth#teachers

(picture not taken in a counselling session)

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