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Supporting children to F.L.Y. (First love yourself)

I came to education late at the grand age of 32 when I was invited to do some taster courses for single parents that the government were funding. I had an amazing time re-connecting to my love of being creative, I did singing, creative writing, art, aromatherapy, interior design but then I did an amazing 10 week course called 'What is the mind?' and I was fascinated and hooked. I started college training to be an adult counsellor but then found a leaflet which offered me an opportunity to work therapeutically with children. To say I loved this work is an understatement, through the magic of play I have watched children blossom and grow in ways that have been both humbling and amazing! Children who were not accessing their learning fully, due to being overwhelmed with feelings about challenges they faced in their lives, became beautiful butterflies in their way. I trained specifically to be a Counsellor in schools and believe that school is often where the children are struggling the most and therefore it is the best place to do therapeutic work with them to support them re-access the joy of learning and thriving. #mentalhealth#children#school#teachers#play

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